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Vertical Migrators

Dusky Grouse once called the Blue Grouse - by Larry Halverson


Dusky Grouse dose a reverse migration from most wildlife. In winter they migrate up the mountain and feed on conifer needles. Then in spring move back down the valleys to breed.  Read more »

Why we need to get over our fear of bears

A brown Black Bear
by Larry Halverson

“The woods aren't filled with frightening and unpredictable bears... Read more »

Coyote Mousing


Coyote stalks through the grass to track down prey by Larry Halverson

It was interesting to watch this coyote mousing near McLeod Meadows Campground in Kootenay National Park. Read more »

What's Up - Shooting Star


Few-flowered Shooting Star - by Larry Halverson     

There are 13 species of shooting stars in North America, six in British Columbia and two of those are found in Kootenay National Park. Read more »

Natural Air Conditioning

Mule Deer on a hot day - by Larry Halverson

Mule Deer’s ears act like radiators. Read more »

Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow, a relentless singer - by Larry Halverson

Song Sparrow is one of our most common sparrows. They are found year around but are more abundant from late March to early October. The best place to look for them is along marsh edges. This one was photographed in the bulrushes at Dog Lake in Kootenay National Park.   Read more »

Wings Over the Rockies Festival Starts Today


People from around the country are flocking to the Columbia Valley to participate in Wings Over the Rockies Bird Festival and enjoy nature. Read more »


Canada Goose gosslings leave the nest within the first 24 hours - By Larry Halverson


Two adults + 16 goslings = a Crèche, which is what happens when the goslings of different parents get mixed up and a couple geese are left to take care of young that are not their own. Read more »

Turdus migratorius Migration

Flocks of Robins are now moving through Kootenay National Park, May 1, 2013 by Larry Halverson

American Robins are quintessential early bird whose appearance at the end of winter gives hope for longer and warmer days. Read more »

Author seeks better future for bears and humans


A female grizzly bear and her cubs make use of habitat in the Lake Louise area of Banff National Park.
Photograph by: Photo by Alex Taylor, Parks Canada

There is an excellent article in yesterdays Calgary Herald about former Kootenay Park employee Kevin van Tighem’s experiences with bears and his new book “Bears Without Fear”   Read more »

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