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Frog Eggs

Columbia Spotted Frog egg masses, May 1, 2013, by Larry Halverson


These eggs were photographed in the Kootenay National Park through a thin layer of ice. The water temperature was right around 0 degrees C. Read more »

Cinnamon Teal

Love the red eyes of the male Cinnamon Teal - photo by Alan Dibb

The vivid breeding plumage of the drake Cinnamon Teal is hard to miss and the male’s cinnamon colour makes them very easy to identify. Read more »

What’s Up - Wild Strawberry


Wild Strawberry one of our most common wild flowers
- by Larry Halverson

Wild Strawberry can grow just about anywhere. In Kootenay National Park they are found in valley bottoms to subalpine meadows. Read more »

Wings Over the Rockies Festival


The 17th annual Wings Over the Rockies Festival May 6 -12, 2013. Celebrating, Mountains, Wetlands and Wildlife will explore the changes that are occurring in climates and natural environments and how birds and animals are adapting. Read more »

Cozy Goose Down Nest

Canada Goose nest along the Columbia River, April 26, 2013 - by Larry Halverson

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology gives a good description of Canada Goose nest placement. Read more »

Mourning Cloak Butterfly

One of the most easily recognized butterflies - Photo by Larry Halverson


The Mourning Cloak occurs throughout most of Canada. In BC it is most often found in open forests along wet areas where willows grow. Read more »

See One Find the Other

Drummond’s Rockcress now blooming on the grassy hillsides around Radium Hot Springs - Larry Halverson Read more »

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Male Ruby-crowned Kinglet April 19, 2013 by Larry Halverson


It was difficult photographing this Ruby-crowned Kinglet, as it was constantly moving from one branch to the next, searching for insects. Read more »

What's Up - Gastony's cliff-brake


Gastony's cliff-brake, a rare BC Fern - by Larry Halverson


Not the prettiest plant to photograph but I was excited when I found it the other day growing in a limestone cliff crevice near Columbia Lake. Read more »

What's Up - Nine-leaf Desert Parsley

Nine-leaf Desert Parsley, April 18, 2013 - by Larry Halverson

Nine-leaf Desert Parsley is a common plant in SE British Columbia. It can be found growing on the dry open slopes around Radium Hot Springs.  Read more »

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