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How to Keep Bears out of Radium

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Black bear feeding on crab apples- Photo by Larry Halverson

The purpose of Bear Aware is to prevent and reduce human-bear conflicts in our communities. Management of bear attractants is the most important step in controlling 'bear problems'. This in turn will increase human safety and decrease the number of bears destroyed each year.  The following bear attractants should be managed to ensure bears don't move into your neighbourhood:

Garbage:  Store garbage in a secure building.  Business Owners: lock or use a metal carabiner to secure your dumpster day and night.

Fruit trees: Pick fruit and allow to ripen indoors.  If you do not use the fruit spray blossoms in spring, prune, or replace tree with a native, non-fruit bearing variety or have the Columbia Valley Fruit Swap set you up with someone that wants fruit at 250-688-0561.

Birdfeeders:  Seed and sugar water is full of calories, birds do not need food in the summer, take down from April to December. Replace with bird baths, flowers that attract birds and bird houses.

Compost:  Turn regularly

BBQs: Clean and burn off excess grease, clean grease trap after every use. Business Owners: ensure you have a bear resistant grease bin.

Pet Food:  Feed pets and store pet food indoors.

Contact Crystal Leonard for further questions or comments 250 688-0561

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