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Junior Naturalist Program 2018 by Amita Symons-Yu

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Despite the raging forest fires and highway closures that hit our park this year, the Junior Naturalist Program had a great summer! We had 32 kids from different provinces (and countries!) participate in the program this year. Though we had less participants this year compared to previous years, that didn’t stop the Junior Naturalists from having a blast outdoors hiking, exploring, playing games, and learning about Kootenay National park!

One of the highlight activities this year that the kids really enjoyed was putting together a model of the National Park to learn about the importance of underpasses and overpasses for animals to cross the highway in the park.

Another favourite activity was the water cycle water balloon toss, because who can resist the allure of water activities when it reaches 30 degrees outside? If this didn’t succeed in leaving people sufficiently wet, we opted for free for all water fights instead!

Among the trails we explored with the Junior Naturalists was the Valley View hike, which gives a great view of the town of Radium, and, evidently, some curious ground squirrels.

For those who like arts and crafts, on one of the days we worked together to make a painting of a couple of moose! A calendar containing similar artistic endeavours from the Junior Naturalists of previous years can be found in the Friends’ gift shop.

About 40% of the kids who attended the program this year had attended the program in a previous year, and hopefully we can keep just as many people coming back in the future. We really loved our time this summer with everyone who participated in the program and and we’re super thankful to Parks and everyone else who helped make this program possible!

Amita Symons-Yu, Program Coordinator