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Ruby-crowned Kinglet

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Male Ruby-crowned Kinglet April 19, 2013 by Larry Halverson


It was difficult photographing this Ruby-crowned Kinglet, as it was constantly moving from one branch to the next, searching for insects.

It is one of North America's smallest birds. It can be easily recognized by the buffy olive colour, and plain face with a white eye-ring. The males occasional display a red crest which distinguishes them from the females. But the easiest way to identify them is by their song - which starts with two or three high “tsees” followed by five or so lower notes that sound like “cup a tea”, “cup a tea”....

It is a bird I love to hear in the early morning through my bedroom window. Have a listen to the Ruby-crowned Kinglet  song recored by John Neville from Songs and Sounds of the Canadian Rockies.  And now why not try birding from bed to see if you can recognize this early spring songster.