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Song Sparrow

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Song Sparrow, a relentless singer - by Larry Halverson

Song Sparrow is one of our most common sparrows. They are found year around but are more abundant from late March to early October. The best place to look for them is along marsh edges. This one was photographed in the bulrushes at Dog Lake in Kootenay National Park.  

It interesting that Song Sparrows will sing throughout the year but it is this time of year that they really live up to their name. A male Song Sparrow will sing a song every eight-seconds and may average over 2,300 songs during an entire day.
Once again John Neville has made a great recording of this songster at Lake Windermere. Have a listen and then see if you can match the song to the real thing next time you are walking near a marsh edge.

John Neville's CD "Songs and Sounds of the Canadian Rockies" can be pruchased at Neville Recording