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Weed Guide

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Contains detailed descriptions for 42 non-native plant species that currently pose the greatest threats
plus brief descriptions on an addition 21 invasive plants that are of concern.

A revised book “The Invasive Plants of the Crown of the Continent Field Guide” is now available on the Friends of Kootenay website. It was produced by the Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center in Glacier National Park who work with a number of agencies and organizations including Parks Canada to help combat the spread of non-native plants. Invasive plant seeds travel by wind, water, animals and human activity so the most effective control is early detection and rapid response. This Guide helps to identify invasive plants, explains ways to distinguish them from native look-a-likes and provides information on their reproduction and dispersal strategies.

Download your copy “The Invasive Plants of the Crown of the Continent Field Guide” 

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