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Access stories and photos about the natural and human history of Kootenay National Park and Columbia Valley Includes highlights about the Friends of Kootenay National Park activities and programs.



Junior Naturalist Program 2018 by Amita Symons-Yu

Despite the raging forest fires and highway closures that hit our park this year, the Junior Naturalist Program had a great summer! We had 32 kids from different provinces (and countries!) participate in the program this year. Read more »

Friends of Kootenay National Park 2018-19 Board of Directors


Alex Goatcher




Lindsay Torma


Dale Genest

Gift Shop Manager

Vivian Genest


Barry Moore

Andree Galbraith

Natalie Wallace Read more »

New 508-million-year-old Bristle Worm Species Discovered in Kootenay National Park


Kootenayscolex barbarensis


Researchers at the Royal Ontario Museum and the University of Toronto have described an exceptionally well-preserved new fossil species of bristle worm called Kootenayscolex barbarensis. Discovered from the 508-million-year-old Marble Canyon fossil site in the Burgess Shale in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, the new species helps rewrite our understanding of the origin of the head in annelids, a highly diverse group of animals which includes today’s leeches and earthworms. Read more »

Annual General Meeting

Black bear using one the new wildlife underpasses in Kootenay National Park - Photo by Parks Canada.


Very Rare Sighting

Triangle covers and plastic pink Flamingos are used by BC Hydro 
to prevent Ospreys 
from nesting on dangerous power poles
- by Larry Halverson Read more »

Osprey are Back

April10, 2015 - Osprey on nesting platform, Dorothy Lake, Invermere,BC - by Larry Halverson

Osprey nesting in this region return from their wintering areas around mid-April when the valley lakes are free of ice. Some early arrival dates include April 3 at Columbia Lake and April 4 at Invermere, BC. Read more »

Wings Over the Rockies 2015


The theme for the 19th annual Wings Over the Rockies Festival is "Fossils and Feathers", inspired by the recent exceptional find of a fossil bed of significant importance in the Kootenay National Park.This year includes a full week of more than 90 field trips, presentation and workshops. Details at  Read more »

What's Up - Easter Daisy

Easter Daisy (Townsendia hookeri) in bloom April 2, 2015
by Larry Halverson 

EASTER-DAISY is just on time this year. In fact it is the earliest bloom date we have recorded for the Columbia Valley.The daisy like flower looks like it has no stem as it grows very low to the ground, seldom more than 4 cm high. Read more »

Another new Burgess Shale species has been identified in Kootenay National Park

Yawunki kootenayi, artistic reconstruction model by Lars Field (Phlesh Bubble)

508 million-year-old predatory 'lobster' has been discovered in Canada that held a "key position" in the food network at the time. Yawunik kootenayi had two pairs of eyes and prominent grasping appendages resembling those seen on modern beetles or shrimps. Read more »

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