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Access stories and photos about the natural and human history of Kootenay National Park and Columbia Valley Includes highlights about the Friends of Kootenay National Park activities and programs.



What We Know


The Columbia Valley National Wildlife Area, Wilmer, BC photo by Larry Halverson
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Bear Digging


  Sings of bears being out and about May 4th. Photo by Larry Halverson  Read more »

Sinclair Canyon Ramble

Join geologist Bill Ayrton and Parks Canada educator Deborah Griffith for a ramble along Sinclair Canyon.

Explore the geological and natural features along this historic canyon route, which links the Rocky Mountains to the Columbia Valley. Read more »

Wings Over the Rockies Festival

1,300 nature lovers have already signed up for events.  Photo by Larry Halverson


May 7-13, 2012 - Invermere, BC

Have you ever come back from a trip to another province or another country and marveled at our own backyard: the Rockies, the Purcells and the Columbia wetlands? Well, that's the theme of the 2012 Wings Over the Rockies Festival-- Our Backyard, the Envy of the World. Read more »

No Sasquatches Yet, Virginia

Shelagh Wrazej Kootenay National Park’s Resource Management Technician,
Presents No Sasquatches Yet, Virginia - A Glimpse into the Secret Lives of Wild Animals
Sketch by Morgan Anderson


Remote cameras are an emerging technology that enables biologists in our mountain national parks to study certain aspects of wildlife ecology and behavior without having to capture or disturb their study animals. Read more »

They're Back


Turkey Vulture’s wings, span up to two meters - photographed April 7, 2012 by Larry Halverson

As the temperature beings to rise look up and you may spot a Turkey Vulture soaring overhead. Read more »

More on the "Prairie Crocus"


       Friends of Kootenay received this note from 
Ben Gadd, authour of Handbook of the Canadian Rockies.

“I have kept track of the blooming-onset date for this plant for many years, first in Jasper and now here in Canmore. Was April 11th this year. April 28th last year, when we had a late spring.  Read more »

What's Up - Prairie Crocus

According to legend the Crocus’s furry coat is to protect it on chilly spring nights. Photo by Larry Halverson


The Prairie Crocus seems fitting to be the first flower in the Friends of Kootenay "What's Up" series as it is one of the first flowers to bloom in the park. Read more »



Badger, a four-legged digging machine.
Photo by Wendy Schuck of Wenmargraphics at her home near Redstreak Campground.


On April 29th, Wendy Schuck had a little help digging her garden, from her neighbour - the badger. Read more »

Save the Frogs Day

Northern Leopard Frogs once found in Kootenay National Park -
Photo by Larry Halverson


The Northern Leopard Frog (Southern Mountain population), is designated endangered by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. The population is threatened by low recruitment, disease, predation, habitat fragmentation and degradation, and introduced fish species.  Read more »

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