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So It Is Tick Season

 Hungry Tick                                                                                  Full Tick
Photos by Mark Polnsky


Ticks are related to spiders and resemble tiny watermelon seeds with legs. They have sensory organs in their front legs that can detect carbon dioxide, odours & heat given off by hikers. So when the hiker passes within reach of the tick, it climbs on (ticks do not jump or fly onto their hosts). Read more »

Butcher Bird

 Northern Shrike photograped on April 19, 2012 at the Radium Mill Pond - by Ross MacDonald.


The following discription from the Canadain Museum of Nature should work up your appitie.  Read more »

Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay in Kootenay

April 13, 2012, Jonah Ritsch with his proud mom Lori Horrocks in the Radium Hot Springs Pools -
Photo by Rick Hansen Foundation


Lori Horrocks, Public Outreach and Education Officer for Kootenay National Park, was one of 7,000 medal bearers taking part in 10 month cross-country relay to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rick Hansen’s legendary “Man in Motion World Tour”. Read more »

First Up

 Standing tall and still - looking like a wooden peg. - Photo by Ross MacDonald


On the morning of April 18, 2012, Ross MacDonald reported and photographed the first Columbia Ground Squirrel on the road to the Radium Mill Pond. Read more »

Sheep Grazing

Rocky Bighorn Sheep on the mile hill at Radium Hot Springs. Photo by Larry Halverson

Bighorn sheep are grazers. Their diet consists of grasses, sedges and flowering plants, however they will resort to eating twigs and woody plants when preferred foods are scarce. Read more »

Monitoring Carnivores with Cameras

 Cougar photographed March 20, 2012, in the Redstreak area by KNP Remote Camera


Motion-activated cameras have been set up in Kootenay National Park as part of a carnivore monitoring project. Cameras are mounted on trees or encased in rock cairns to monitor wildlife use in both frontcountry and remote backcountry locations. Read more »

Urban Wildlife

Urban Mule Deer with Christmas lights, looking for a plug in. Photo by Larry Halverson

Columbia Mountain Institute for Applied Ecology is hosting Urban Wildlife: Challenges and Management conference on April 18-19, 2012 in Cranbrook, BC.  Read more »

Love Song


Black-capped Chickadee is one of  3 species of chickadees found in Kootenay National Park.
Photo by Larry Halverson


Almost everyone can identify the bird that sings a rapid, nasal chickadee-Dee-Dee. It is the call the chickadee uses to challenge intruders or to express alarm and it can be heard anytime during the year. However in April, Read more »

Only at This Time of Year

Like a pastel painting, the hues of red & yellow willow bark add a nice touch of colour to the Columbia Valley. 
Photo by Larry Halverson

People usually associate reds and yellows with autumn but these colours are also found at this time of year in the willows. Read more »

Mammoth Peak

It may be greening up around Radium Hot Springs but in the North end of the Kootenay, it is still a black and white picture. Photo by Amar Athwal


This great photo of the Kootenay Parkway and the Vermilion range was taken on March 18, 2012, by Amar Athwal. Read more »

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