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Access stories and photos about the natural and human history of Kootenay National Park and Columbia Valley Includes highlights about the Friends of Kootenay National Park activities and programs.




Bighorn Sheep ewe making her way down the Redwall cliffs by Larry Halverson Read more »

Helping Wildlife Cross the Road


 Building wildlife crossing structures near on Hwy 93 near Dolly Varden picnic site by Larry Halverson Read more »

Making Something Bad Look Good

Leafy Spurge"looking good" near Invermere is one of the largest out breaks in BC by Larry Halverson

The greenish-yellow flower may look pretty but it is one bad noxious weed. It degrades grazing capacity, and devastates wildlife habitat by reducing diversity. It is also poisonous to most livestock except sheep. Read more »

Flying Mouse?

 Fiery Skipper on a windy day - by Larry halverson Read more »

What's Up - Wind Flower

Flower colour can vary from creamy white to reddish pink by Larry Halverson Read more »

Alien Looking Pink Balls

Cynipid wasps create these “alien looking” spiked ball on wild rose leaves
- by Larry Halverson Read more »

M 645

Ram #M645 with the radio collar he wore for 10 months in 2008 - Photo by Alan Didd

“In spring 2013 wildlife researchers marked the passing of a special member of the Radium Bighorn Sheep Herd. Ram #M645 gave us knowledge that will be used for years to come to protect his herd and others like it in Kootenay National Park.” Read the full story Kootenay National Park Bighorn Sheep Ram #M645 Read more »

Endangered Patch of Yellow

Buffalo Bean an endangered plant in BC - May27, 2013 by Larry Halverson


Pea-like flowers that form pea like poisonous pods by Larry Halverson


Buffalo Bean. This is one plant you won't find in the Rocky Mountain Flower guides as it is primarily a prairie plant. But this patch of yellow was seen along the edge of the highway south of Numa Falls in Kootenay National Park. It may have been introduce from a vehicle traveling from Alberta.  Read more »

Leaf Miner


Leaf Miner leaves a trail of frass (fancy word for insect poop) on the mine floor - by Larry Halverson

It is hard to believe that there are creatures so small that they can live and grow between the upper and lower leaf surface and yet be visible to the human eye. Read more »

What's Up - Canadian Violet

Canadian Violet in the shaded woods along Sinclair Creek by Larry Halverson

The Canadian Violet is one of 13 species of violets found in Kootenay National Park.  Read more »

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