Bighorn Projects

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Bighorn sheep have lived in the Radium area for thousands of years. In the past 50 years there has been pressure on this “species of concern” from more people and development encroachment into habitat, forest in-growth and busy highways.


Bighorn Signs and Cameras

Every year the Mile Hill on highway 93/95 south of Radium claims up to 10% of the Radium Bighorn sheep population to vehicle collisions.

In 2008 the Friends along with the community of Radium Hot Springs the local Chamber of Commerce bought four Bighorn sheep warning signs for the Mile Hill and the hwy at the north end of the town to help address this ongoing highway mortality concern. Already we are seeing traffic slowing down and paying closer attention to the Bighorn that tend to feed on the slopes on either side of the highway.

As well, a camera monitoring research program is in place in the Restoration areas above the Village of Radium Hot Springs. The Friends provided funds to Parks Canada to purchase additional monitoring cameras and these cameras help assess the success of the ongoing habitat restoration work.

We take pride in our large band of over 150 sheep and would like to see these bighorn sheep remain healthy and around for our children and grandchildren.

Did You Know?

Our area is a showcase for scientific bighorn sheep research. It takes a lot of effort and money to protect the Radium-Stoddart bighorn sheep from road kill, invasive weeds, and development.

Sheep research and monitoring programs fund researchers, remote cameras, veterinarians and habitat restoration work. To slow drivers down new Bighorn Warning Signs are also being used.



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Thank you for your interests in our Bighorn herd.  The Radium-Stoddart band comprises approximately ten percent of the British Columbia population of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.